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Storylava helps you tell your life story on an interactive storyboard. See how and sign up below.

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Organize your life stories. Give context to your stories and photos – and those of your relatives – with interactive storyboards that help you relive memories through timelines, maps, and collaboration.

Write your own narrative. Capture and preserve life stories on your storyboard by adding story cards. Add photos to illustrate and give context to experiences – including a compelling cover photo with an artistic filter.

Upload photos. Bring your stories to life with photos and captions that illustrate important events. See photos in context in your stories, timeline or map.

Add timelines and maps. See where your stories happened with interactive maps and timelines that help visualize and give context to your memories.

Collaborate with others. Allow others to contribute their memories on your storyboard, providing an easy way to collect stories about a loved one, special event, or favorite activity.

Add historical documents. Add personal historical documents – birth certificates, mementos, written histories and more – to your storyboards to give added depth to your stories.

Configure privacy. Choose who can view your stories and experiences with customizable privacy settings – including everyone, or just those with whom you share a special link.

Get prompted on where to start. Never be stuck on what to write with the Storylava Question Library of 1000+ story prompts. And if you do get stuck? Just click the Randomize button for a new question!

  Standard Pro
Write and save life stories × ×
View friends’ stories × ×
Control privacy for stories × ×
Upload and add photos to stories × ×
Add a cover photo to storyboards, and stylize with artistic filters × ×
Follow others and view their stories in a news feed × ×
Allow others to collaborate on a storyboard × ×
Answer pre-built question prompts   ×
Add a timeline to visualize stories by date   ×
Add a map to visualize stories by location   ×
Add personal historical documents to storyboards   ×
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Upgrade to Pro. Sign up for a free Storylava profile to get started recording your life story.

When you’re ready for more, you can upgrade your profile to Storylava Pro either by purchasing an upgrade. Storylava Pro allows you to add interactive timelines and maps to your storyboards – adding context and color to your stories.

Purchase a Storylava Pro Upgrade using the Upgrade link in the top navigation once logged in.