Equip your fans 
to advocate for you 
with personalized social video

Storylava lets you drive awareness and generate leads 
through mass-customized, branded videos

What is Storylava?

Storylava is a next-generation audience engagement platform that lets your customers rapidly capture and share their brand experiences through personalized, themed “story videos”

How it works


1 - Users respond to prompts with photos & text about their brand experience in a customized chatbot - no download or apps required


2 - Storylava composes user photos & text into a branded, themed video in seconds, with layout and music options you define


3 - Ensure brand-safe content with either AI-based or manual content moderation


4 - Users receive videos near-instanteously to verified email addresses or mobile numbers


5 - Users drive awareness about your brand experience when they share videos through dedicated social landing pages


6 - Measure social campaign effectiveness with analytics dashboards on video creation, social share intent, and more

Benefits for brands

Campaign reach
Multiply the reach of social campaigns through compelling, mass-personalized videos.
Social ROI
Measure the impact of personalized video with social landing pages and analytics
Creative engagement with brand safety
Use a variety of creative treatments to engage users, and ensure brand-safe content with moderation

Key features for brands

Guided, chatbot-driven experience for acquiring content

Enable rapid, easy sharing of story videos on users’ social networks

Flexible storyboard variations based on user-selected input

Capture email/mobile contact info generated from program