Guide customers to create authentic 
video testimonials about your brand experience

Storylava lets you prompt your customers with questions 
to create authentic video reviews

Storylava for video testimonials

Storylava guides your customers through a series of chat-based questions, and delivers a branded video review for you to post on social media, or your web site.

How it works


1 - Customers respond to chat-based question prompts about your brand experience with text, photos, or videos - no download or apps required


2 - Storylava composes user content into a product review video in seconds, with layout and design options you define


3 - Ensure brand-safe content with either AI-based or manual content moderation


4 - Access, manage, and download completed review videos through a dashboard


5 - Optionally deliver review videos to your customers to share on dedicated social landing pages


6 - Measure review campaign effectiveness with analytics dashboards on video creation, social share intent, and more

Why use Storylava for branded video testimonials?

Authentic customer opinions
Drive customer purchase with testimonials that include user-submitted videos, photos, and text
Guided question prompts
Help customers easily create testimonials through guided chatbot question prompts
Deploy review campaigns at scale
Mobilize customers to share their opinions at scale through an easy-to-use, chat-based format

Key video reviews features

Gather customer opinions at scale with an easy-to-use chatbot

Access, manage, and download review content through a dashboard

Screen content for brand-safe imagery and text

Access analytics to measure the impact of your review campaign