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Resources / May 13, 2021

Social media is key for your F45 studio

For F45 studio owners, you already know that social media is key to engaging your customers. Whether it's communicating about new workouts, fitness competitions, and studio updates to your existing customers or letting prospects know about special offers the benefits of your studio, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are key to helping your message spread fast. And not least, social media is great for creating a sense of community which is at the core of the F45 experience.

Sometimes, it's challenging to keep the social drumbeat going

However, busy studio owners have a lot on their plate besides just social media and marketing. From coordinating class schedules and instructors to managing people and finances, it can be a heavy lift to just keep the gym open, let alone keep the pedal down on marketing. Ironically though, that's the key to successful social marketing having a constant drumbeat of compelling content to keep top-of-mind with your audience, and encouraging them to share with their friends.

Customizable, free social templates especially for F45 studios

To help F45 studio owners with social media marketing, we've curated a set of F45-specific marketing templates to help promote your gym. F45 gym owners can load these templates in Storylava, quickly customize them with your studio name and personalized text (if needed), and then easily share them to your social channels.

It takes out the complexity of creating social calendar ideas, finding a designer to create the artwork, and shuffling files around to post them on social media. Best of all, you can access, and contribute, other F45 marketing templates to the community to find always updated content ideas and social media marketing resources to gain new customers and keep your existing ones

F45 social marketing templates for a variety of events

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