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Five things to include in your F45 marketing plan

Resources / May 18, 2021

Achieving your F45 studio goals with a marketing plan

When most people set off on an adventure a hike in the mountains, a long road trip, or a paddling journey they usually consult a map to give them a sense of where they're going, and the landmarks they'll need to see on the way to know they're on track. It's no different with operating your F45 gym. You need a simple marketing plan to keep your studio on track with your vision and goals.

Your F45 marketing plan doens't gave to be complicated. In fact, it should be a "living" document that you update as your studio grows and the market changes. That way, you can iterate quickly to stay ahead of fitness marketing trends and the demands for your F45 studio in your areas.

A simple marketing plan is like a map to keep your F45 studio on track with your vision and goals
A simple marketing plan is like a map to keep your F45 studio on track with your vision and goals

Key elements to consider in your F45 marketing strategy & plan

1. Define your F45 target market

In an ideal world, you'd communicate a unique message customized to each F45 member (or prospective member) about the amenities your F45 studio offers (the features) and how awesome they are (the benefits). Since it would take too much time and effort to do this on an individual basis, pro marketers group people with like characteristics together in order to communicate to them more efficiently in terms of time and money your target market.

In order to determine your target market, think about what characteristics draw people to your F45 studio. These can be in terms of demographics the statistical data of who you're trying to target, like gender, age, education, and income level. Or it can be in terms of psychographics meaning the aspirations and behaviors of your target.

2. Hone your F45 message

Once you have an idea of who you're talking to, you can better craft what you want to say to them. With this in mind, think about the features and benefits of the F45 brand a sense of community; full-body, high intensity workouts you can do in 45 minutes, industry-leading technology and so on. Then, combine those with the unique attributes of your specific studio to come up with your message points a convenient location, dedicated trainers, and the friends who will help them along their fitness journey. It helps to put these into a quick Google document so that others who are helping with your marketing efforts can refer to the same message points.

3. Define marketing programs

With your target market and messages defined, you're ready to define some marketing programs that you can use to get the word out about your F45 Studio. These programs are specific things you'll do to achieve your goals and strategy. We'll get started with some of these ideas below, and then continue with more of them in a subsequent blog post.

Use these ideas to define marketing programs you can use to get the word out about your F45 Studio
Use these ideas to define marketing programs you can use to get the word out about your F45 Studio

4. Marketing program - Referral strategy

Your current customers are the best source of new leads and customers for your F45 location. Brainstorm with your team on how you can incentivize them to invite their friends to your studio. In some cases, this could be a monetary referral incentive if their friend joins and stays for 6 months. Or, it could be providing a number of free 'buddy passes' to members so they can bring their friends to try workouts.

5. Marketing program - Events

Events can be a great way to drive repeated interest in your F45 studio, not only because they are fun, but because they're highly shareable on social media too. In addition to the fitness competitions and events that F45 provides you as a franchisee, you can also brainstorm your own events to create occasions around which your team and members can rally.

For example, you could host special seasonal workouts, themed around holidays like Independence Day (wear your best Captain America get up) or Halloween. Open houses complete with refreshments, of course are also popular events that studios can host. And don't forget that your events don't have to be 100% fitness related. You could consider hosting a book drive for underprivileged children in the area, or something similar that will engage your community for good. The key is to gather your community, publicize your event, and encourage them to share. The result is greater awareness and mindshare for your F45 studio.

Your F45 Marketing Plan & Strategy

When you start with your target market and key messages in your F45 marketing plan, you'll have a great foundation to work from to achieve your revenue and membership goals. Then, by adding marketing programs, like a referral strategy and events, as described here, you'll be on the way to executing and delivering success.

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