Drive impact with branded UGC video

Lead meaningful change that matters to your community through branded UGC video with maximum shareability


Gen Z + Millennials demand more from their brand relationships - expecting them to not just deliver product, but to stand for something



Motivate and activate your audience to effect change by merging UCG + brand/influencer content that generates social video proof.

Encourage customers to rally others by sharing brand-safe video on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram Stories & more.

Social UGC video proof for impact marketing

Energize Communities

Inspire ongoing brand and community confidence through activations with charitable causes + influencers

Rebound + Rebuild

Use influencer content merged with branded UCG to build your community and rebound from crisis periods

Narratives with Reach

Create personal, shareable UGC video + brand content narratives that resonate with your community and extend reach

Cause Marketing

Structure messages, UGC video + brand/influencer content into meaningful cause-based activations