Drive sponsor revenue with branded UGC video

Deliver additional inventory and fulfill commitments with UGC video + brand/influencer content activations at-home


With global uncertainty, sponsorship revenue and delivery commitments have been disrupted



Deliver alternate sponsorship inventory opportunity to activate audiences with UGC video + brand/influencer content, no matter where they are: at-home or elsewhere

Deliver additional sponsor inventory with branded UGC video

Out-of-Venue Activation

Provide new ways to engage where physical venue activation is difficult, including at-home or on-the-go

Whereever, Whenever

Activate audiences with brand attributes / content wherever they are - including social video platforms like TikTok

Unlock Inventory

Unlock additional sponsorship inventory via at-home brand activations through UGC video + brand/influencer content

Incremental Customers

Gain incremental sponsor brands & extend reach to social communities