Create customer testimonials & activate brand events with the Storylava video mass-personalization platform.

  • Guided chatGuide users with a fun, branded, and customizable chat experience to upload user content - including photos and text
  • No apps to installRapidly onboard users - no app download or install required
  • Cross-platformEngage users across platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, and popular browsers
Easy and fun chatbot interface
Video Creation
Personalized video creation in seconds
  • Creative controlProduce videos with a variety of creative assets: text, images, videos, motion graphics and more
  • User-driven outputAdapt the video production based on user-responses from the chatbot
  • Storyboard variationAutomatically randomize storyboard themes so that videos are unique
  • Brand-safe contentScreen user-submitted content for brand-safe imagery and text
  • AI-based moderationEmploy artificial intelligence-based automatic content screening to reject content with profanity, violence, gore, or nudity
  • Manual content screeningUse human-based manual content screening to filter content based on brand-specific guidelines
Content moderation for brand-safe videos
Delivery via email and SMS
  • Email/SMS deliveryDeliver completed videos to users via email or text message
  • Lead generationCapture verified phone numbers & emails for follow-up programs
  • Enhanced HTML delivery emailUse a prebuilt HTML delivery email to spur social sharing, or customize with your own email template
Social Sharing
  • Social landing pageView final video production on a customized, branded landing page
  • Rapid sharing linksDrive social reach with rapid sharing links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more
  • Downloadable video filesDeliver a downloadable video file for sharing via Snapchat, YouTube, email, and other platforms
Social sharing capabilities
Analytics reporting
  • Campaign dashboardsMeasure campaign results with analytics dashboards, and gain insight into program effectiveness
  • Social sharing analysisAnalyze social sharing intent of produced videos across major social channels
  • Video creation trendsGain insight into video creation patterns, including engagement over time